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Digital Photography Tips

Digital photography has become an integral part of TopGear. It has given you a very effective marketing tool and has enhanced the presentation of Customer Brochures, Auction Brochures and Websites. We at Fasttrac thought it may be a good idea to let you in on a few quick tips to help enhance the quality of pictures that you use - another step forward !

Few Simple Tips can make all the difference

Digital photography has come of age in terms of technology available and a little care can help you get near-professional results.

v    Lighting Conditions

Contrary to popular belief, a bright sunny day may not be the best to take pictures of your vehicles. This is due to the fact that the body paintwork is a high-gloss surface and bright surroundings create multiple reflections on the body, thereby creating high contrast differentials on the resulting image.

An overcast day with sufficient diffused light may be most ideal.

Placement of the vehicle and the camera angle should also be given due consideration. Right position and angle can help eliminate reflections. Low camera positions should be avoided.

v    Backdrop

Backdrop of the picture should be chosen with care. A white wall behind the vehicle may not be the best choice, as usually thought.

Natural backdrops add life to your pictures and should be used wherever possible.

If there is no option available but a wall, its best if it is painted in a neutral color in Matt finish (Glossy surface is a BIG NO!)

v    How many photos per vehicle ?

Though it is purely a matter of personal preference and requirement, we feel that 4 shots per vehicle do normally suffice.



         Interior Dash


Avoid Dead-Front shots unless the idea is to highlight the unique frontal features of the vehicle. Usually an angular shot covering the front and the Right side of the vehicle is a good idea.

An interior dash shot can be best taken with vehicle parked in shade. Push the driver seat-back towards the rear, get into the rear left seat and take an angular shot of the dash with camera flash turned on.

  Picture Resolution

Choice of picture resolution is primarily dependent on end-usage. Recommended resolution settings for common usage under TopGear are :

a.        800 x 600 for use with Customer Brochures, Auction Catalogues etc

b.        640 x 480 for upload to Websites.

High-resolution pictures are not recommended for upload to Websites as they would tend to slow down the browsers of visitors to your site on the web.

v    and More

Subject Framing is highly critical to achieving good results. The vehicle or the area being photographed should fill the picture frame as much as possible and should be centered in the frame. Long shots (pictures taken from a distance) tend to divert the attention of the viewer from the main subject to the surroundings.


High and low angle shots should be avoided. It is best to keep the camera slightly below the normal line-of-sight.





Sunny Day - Notice Shadows & Backdrop


Notice reflections on the surface


High contrast levels - no details can be seen




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