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Vehicle Ledger

This ledger is for keeping detailed records of each vehicle, tracking their progress from point of purchase, through transport to the yard, compliance and reconditioning. Complete cost histories for each vehicle are kept including import costs, reconditioning and after sales costs.

Costings may be applied to vehicles in a very flexible way though estimates , orders and confirmed costs. Costs which commonly occur together may be bundled together into costing templates to make pricing even easier. The close integration of each module allows estimates and orders to be turned into confirmed costs in one easy step.

A comprehensive range of stock reports from simple salesman's stock lists to comprehensive management reports and accounting reports.

Digital photographs may be stored with each vehicle for inclusion in a range of colour brochures, Hire purchase quotations and vehicle catalogues - an effective marketing tool. They can also be easily transferred with the vehicle details to your company web site using an easy Web Management Screen.

Powerful but simple inquiry screens make finding and displaying vehicles simple. Once located the user can view any related information by clicking a button.

Vehicle Importing

TopGear tracks and reports on the progress of imported vehicles by purchase batch , shipment or individually. Imports costs can be built up by applying a collection of estimates to each vehicle. As charges are paid to suppliers and payments entered, vehicle costs are constantly updated by the system. TopGear will track costs in both the source currency and converted to $NZ dollars. Estimates will be updated as the exchange rates change.

Creditors Ledger

TopGear features a powerful Creditors Ledger integrated with the Cashbook, where all creditors accounts are updated with entries of incoming invoices and outgoing payments. Separate creditors accounts are maintained for overseas Vehicle Suppliers which are tracked in source currency. Foreign Currency payments are applied directly to nominated Foreign Currency accounts. A wide range of reports are featured in this module covering Account Listings, Statement of Account for each creditor, Mailing Labels, Period Activity Summary, Payment Allocation, Unallocated Credit Notes and Analysis of Purchase.

Debtors Ledger

The Debtors Ledger captures all invoices created in the Sales Module. Received payments are entered and allocated against related Sales Invoices. Retail, Wholesale & Auction Sales can be separately tracked under separate Debtors Accounts, giving you an effective monitoring of debtors status. TopGear includes a range of reports for this module including Turnover Report, Aged Balance Report, Daybook, Uncleared Items, Unallocated Credits, Analysis of Sales and Payment Allocation Report.


All monetary movements within your Bank Accounts are recorded in this module. All payments and receipts are entered through this module, which integrates fully with the Creditors & Debtors Ledger, thereby facilitating a one time entry of all financial information. This module also tracks all Automatic Payments and Direct Debits lodged against your accounts, Account Transfers, Banking and Reconciliation of your Bank Accounts. Cashbook features reports like Inward/Outward Cash, Trial Balance, Cash Analysis, GST Report, Reconciliation Report, Statement Report, Annual Cash Flow Analysis and Banking Schedule Report.

General Ledger

This module is the Master Ledger which consolidates information from all other ledgers. It also holds the "Chart of Accounts" and provides features for Budgeting, End of month/year reports, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss analysis and Balance Sheet.

Prospecting and Marketing Tools

TOPGEAR comes standard with a variety of effective prospecting & marketing tools like :

  • Finance Calculator

  • Vehicle Brochures

  • Printed Window Cards

  • Hire Purchase Quotations

  • Mail Merge for automated standard letters to the customers

  • Auction Lists & Catalogues

  • Stock List e-mail feature 

  • Website Management    And Many More…….

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