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What is WorkgroupMail?
WorkgroupMail is a versatile mail server capable of sending and receiving Internet e-mail on behalf of the users in your organization. Rather than each user sending and receiving e-mail directly to and from the ISP, they instead send and receive their e-mail to and from the computer running WorkgroupMail. WorkgroupMail then connects to the ISP at pre-defined times and transfers the mail in one go.


WorkgroupMail can work with multiple ISPs, connecting to them either via a direct connection to the Internet or via a dial-up connection.

Who is it for?
WorkgroupMail can be configured for both small to medium organizations (SMEs) and larger enterprises. In the case of a small to medium organization, WorkgroupMail can collect mail from one or more Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and distribute the messages to the appropriate local users. Mail sent from local users will be sent out through the appropriate ISP.

In the case of an enterprise configuration, WorkgroupMail can receive e-mail directly from source SMTP servers and then distribute the messages to the appropriate local users. Mail sent from local users will be sent directly to the appropriate destination servers.


What are the benefits of using it?
Centralizing your organization's e-mail using WorkgroupMail gives you control of the information flowing in and out of your company. WorkgroupMail lets you optionally check each incoming and outgoing message for viruses before it is sent or received. This is much more desirable than relying on antivirus software installed on each client computer.
As more and more organizations are being held responsible for the content of e-mail messages sent out by their employees, companies are becoming increasingly eager to have some form of control over the content of both incoming and outgoing mail messages. WorkgroupMail makes this possible by using the optional content filtering functionality, MailScan. This can identify messages containing undesirable content and can quarantine the message accordingly, helping you protect your organization from lawsuits and loss of image and wasted company time.
From a network security point of view, you need only have one computer exposed to the Internet, rather than each client computer. Also, if you have a dial-up connection to the Internet, you can save money since you only need to dial up on the computer running WorkgroupMail, rather than from each client computer.

Will it work for my organization?
Whether you are a small company with a single POP3 account or a large organization that receives e-mail to a self-hosted domain, WorkgroupMail can provide you with the right solution.

Do I need any other software or hardware?
All you need is a TCP/IP local area network and the e-mail clients (e.g. Outlook Express or Outlook).

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